When a ginger cat named George returned after a walk in the garden, he discovered an unexpected guest had taken over his bed.

Meloney Blayze, 47, from Petts Wood, south east London, said, “When I came downstairs and walked past the kitchen into the bathroom, I did a double take because in the kitchen window I could see a set of big ears.”

“‘I thought to myself, ‘hmm, those aren’t the cat’s ears,’ so I turned on the light to see what was in the cat’s bed – and it turned out to be a red fox.”

Meloney had awoken at 4 a.m. to allow the family cat out of the kitchen window and into the garden, but the wild animal had crept in after she had returned to sleep and made itself at home in the cute cat’s bed.

When George returned, he hissed at the cute fox to scare it away, but the sleeping animal refused to move until Meloney lifted up the bed and tipped the fox out the window.

She described him as “extremely tame” and “doesn’t want to leave.” We can’t say we blame him, given the cold snap swept the UK.

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A ginger cat called George was surprised to find an uninvited guest waiting for him recently.

The fox had sneaked in and started “acting like another member of the family who had been there for years and was confused about what all the fuss was about”.

“I looked at him and he looked at me. He was not frightened of me at all” recalls cat’s owner Meloney Blayze.

George tried hissing at it, but the fox didn’t move until the cat’s owner Meloney shooed it out of the window.